Tuesday, December 14, 2010

world's hardest career

No doubt about it. The hardest career any woman has ever embarked upon is that of motherhood.

It's a career that not only keeps you up at night thinking about it, but then also gets you up a night to change a wet bed and diaper.

It's a career whose office hours are relentless and whose prep work demands every spare second.

It's a career in what daily success is found in feeding, clothing and caring for those who do not want to eat what you made, or wear what is necessary to be warm, or cared for in any loving manor except when you are on the phone or on the toilet, or maybe if you are truly lucky, taking a hot bath.

It's a career in whose efforts often go un-noticed or are completely undervalued. But yet is so desperately needed that "time off" consists of changing 1 necessary activity for another. Like sitting down and reading bed time stories rather then changing yet another load of laundry.

OSHA has no say in the working conditions. It can be too loud, and no one has to offer ear plug. It can be unsanitary and yet the biohazard suits are unavailable. There aer routinly things to trip on in the walkways, and when ever those are picked up there are slick spots of spilled juice or milk.

and since the house is quiet, and the Christmas cookies are out of the oven, I am going back to take a nap, since I changed a bed and a child at 4 am, and went potty at least 5 times while I was supposed to have been sleeping.

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