Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Art of Transference

The art of successfully transferring a sleeping baby from your bed to theirs.
Let's face it- we all sleep better when we have the bed to ourselves with no little feet kicking us (or our dear husbands) in the crotch. In order to do this, with a baby that has been changed, nursed (orajelled?) and snuggled for the last few hours in your bed is one of no small challenge. And we all know the price of failure (more snuggling and less sleeping with said kicking baby).

That being said I have learned a few things about child transference over the course of my 6 babies.

Babies have all the want when they are in your bed. They have you, fresh food, you, warmth and you. When you attempt to remove a baby from the warm snuggly place in constant contact with Mama to a cold place all alone it is best done carefully so the baby doesn't wake up screaming in protest saying "Hey.... this is almost as bad a birth, separating me from my warm spot with Mommy- only I guess you didn't squeeze me out head first and I'm not naked and wet (note- of the baby is naked and wet you should look at changing them and warming them up before attempting said transference.)

Trick 1- stop and think before action. Make sure everything is prepared before you actually move the baby. Many a transfers fail because you grabbed the baby with the wrong arms and they have to be turned around to be put into their cribs, or because doors are closed or beds aren't ready.

Trick 2- take one of their favorite crib blankets and rub it in your arm pits and under your breasts. This transfers your smell to the blanket- making it smell as if you are there and close and snuggly when you are sucessfully sleeping alone. (for the first time all night). You don't have to do this each transference, but if the blanket has been freshly laundered or hasn't had your sent rubbed on it, it may be a good thing to do now.

Trick 3- take this now "mommy flavored" blanket and weasel it between your blankets and the baby. This will warm up his blanket and keep him warm during the transference. After a minute- carefully pick the sleeping baby up and snuggle to your breasts (keeping him horizontal)- do this with blanket.

Trick 4- gently walk to his crib and lay him down. He will probably flip positions upon being laid down- that's ok- let him find his comfort. When he has flipped and is settled then you add enough other blankets for him to have about the same weight of blankets he felt in your bed.

If he is still sleeping- gently step out and close the door. During this whole process you need to be gentle, slow, dilibrate and thoughtful of what makes the baby comfortable. Do not become greedy or rush the process.

Congratulations! you may now sleep in peace.... for a few hours :)

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