Sunday, February 05, 2012

Smelling me, smelling you

My sense of smell seems to read things rather stronger then most people's. I smell every soap you use on your body. I smell your hairspray and makeup and weather or not you have a cat box in your house when you walk by. If you are wearing perfume you can floor me, coughing and wheezing for breath.

When I walk into homes or businesses its the smell that I notice first. The smell of the salt and dirt tracked on the carpeting (winter in Minnesota)... the smell of your cleaning products and weather or not the filter needs to be changed on the air exchange or furnace.

When I walk into a home I can smell if the dishes were done last night and if the garbage was taken out, what cleaning products were used, if you have cats or kids who pee their bed (and forgot to change it). I can smell if a kid barfed almost anywhere in the house.

I smell it in my own house too- the entry where the dogs weren't let all the way out, the beds that the kids didn't change, the whole upstairs reeks when they don't bring down the wet clothes they peed in. I can smell if someone forgot to flush a toilet and when my husband forgot to shower. I can smell if he's feeling stressed and can even smell it when the baby is sick. (Hubby takes on a dull smell with a s light metallic tang, babies take on a sharp, tangled smell).

I got rid of all shampoos, soaps, and cleaning supplies with a smell. (no pinesol or windex). I control all body care items like face cream, chapstick and deodorant to keep the smell down.

I love the smell of live dirt, babies heads, and all things cooking . I hate the smell of vinyl, melting plastics and diesel. I love the way my hubby's unders smell fresh from the dryer. I love the smell sunshine infuses into the line drying clothes. I love it when I can leave all the windows wide open in the house and get fresh air in.

I can smell my own hormonal state and that of others close to me. I firmly believe in human pharamones, and wonder how much more dogs could tell us about what they learn when they sniff us. I believe that interpersonal communications would be much easier in a world where nobody covered their own scents up. I like fresh human scents for what they can tell me.

I know you better when I can smell you. I know how to respond to you better when I can smell you. If you are truely going to be you- then smell like it.

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