Thursday, October 11, 2012

Christmas wish list

Or ideas for the clueless (aren't we all sometimes?)

gift certificate to a big and tall clothing store (online one would be best)
games/activities for the family
school book gift certificates
Sharp brand (best reviews) full size microwave

Food Processor (big one)- I like the ninja kitchen system food processor and blender (has a 40 oz and a 72 oz blending jars)
house cleaning
vegan chocolates
new otter case for Iphone 4- bright color- think easy to find
school books gift certificate

Wearing: XLT- pants about a 40" x 33" (or taller, hard to tell unless you can actually get him to try them on) he wants cargo pants- with pockets at knees
gift certificate to big and tall clothing store
desk for bedroom
Portal Gun
bed side table/stand
starwars/ bionicles
starwars clonewars seasons 1-4 on DVD
Snow pants
My Little Pony dvds Seasons 1-3

Wearing boys 14/16
robotic kit (serious one)
large RC helicopter
display case
snow boots men's 8.5/9
really good drawing kit

wearing boys 12, 150/160 cm
organic pjs
poster frame for a poster he has
work desk
tools for electronics work
into robotics
2nd language learning kit - french
reusable baggies for cold lunch

wearing boys 8/10, Hanna Anderson monsters clothes size 140cm
loves drawing/doing art
loves monsters
sling shot
wants a bird- contact me if you want to pursue this option
pogo stick

wearing girls 6 slim pants and 7/8 shirts (120 cm) (shirts need length)- buy bigger then she is wearing
all things girly (no make up, nail polish, or perfumes)
loves horses, bunnies, books, cows,
pink flashlight
My Little Pony toys

wearing boys 4T-5, 100 cm- needs church clothes for this winter- buy shirts 1 size bigger then pants
Play rug for room (blue walls)
Toy box
little boy bedding set for twin size
red flannel shirt - plain red


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