Friday, December 21, 2012

I am 8 weeks pregnant and am already wearing maternity clothes- explain that?

I think all my body needs to act pregnant is a wiff of pregnancy hormone before it knows the routine and runs the gambit of uncomfortable changes faster and faster. That's what happens when it's your 9th pregnancy.

Well I was walking out of the maternity clothing store, I felt a hint of dread. Like something was going to go wrong. Fortunately, I have enough experience in pregnancy failure, that I know that is not the feeling that actually means anything regarding it. It is just the hyperactive pregnancy brain that makes the dreams seem too real and the possibilities other then perfection more likely. Real pregnancy failure is more like sad resignation of nothing you can do.

I have been able to successfully shake that feeling. Largely because I discovered most of my belly size is gas, I have ridiculous amounts of morning sickness (for me) and because I was even able to find a heartbeat today- at 240.

With the way I am counting, I could actually be more like 10 weeks along. But I like to count weeks completed from my later possible due date- so that I why I say 8 weeks.

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