Saturday, January 12, 2013

Working Theory

I have a working theory into why I am going so crazy in this pregnancy. Every smell, every sound, every taste (except greens or chocolate) drive me nuts.

Its driving my husband nuts too. I love him, as long as... he has showered today, doesn't wear any deoderant, doesn't breathe on me and also doesn't smell of garlic. He would like to cuddle, but I have erected a wall around me that goes out about 4 feet. Some nights he feels lucky he is still allowed in bed. (Good thing it's a king).

I see this:
1. wearing maternity clothes at 8 weeks, belly keeps growing.
2. going crazy twice as fast as normal.
3. can't handle eating, even things that a minute ago I was sure I couldn't live out.

I think this: maybe I have  2 little ones who each have completely different tastes and opinions about what they like ruling my life.

Yup- kids can be like that. They will argue just to see  how crazy they can drive you.

Either that or this kid is out to get me.

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