Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Pregnacy perks

well, i was thinking that was wan't feeling too pregant the last few days and begun to wonder if I still was (I lost the last baby at 16 weeks, but didn't know until the ultrasound at 20)

So about 5 minutes after thinking that nausea hit like a ton of bricks. And my sence of smell makes everything smell nausiating. yuck! I didn't even want breakfast, opening the garbage is dangerous, and just the smell of stale air from a house that has been heated for a week stinks.

And of course the other pregnant perk is back . . SORE HIPS the changes in the hips and back are at this time painful- it has been so a fair bit int his pregnancy like the muscles are rebelling at the thought of the hips preparing to carry a child. So I'm going to go take a hot shower in hopes of easing this pain before I run off and help with math groups at Galen's school.

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Lady Amber said...

Sister-in-law here- glad you're joining the other 5 billion bloggers in the world, heck I have 4 blogs myself. It's not easy to write like no one's watching but do so anyway. Just have fun! And the topic of hot sex is always appreciated and understood. (: Take care dear pregnant woman and hope to see you soon. Love and hugs from up north.