Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Really Living

Inspired by I wonder's post I thought I would share some moments this week when I was "really living"

When the sick baby was screaming in my ears all day, that was not really living, but after his nap when he greeted me with a smile I was really living. When the family gathered for brownies and family prayer tonight I was really living. When Galen calmly set about doing his homework tonight and did 12 pages. (with lots of praise of course) I was really living. When the kids all fell asleep early Saturday night and Mike and I, um ....never mind...any ways, that was really living.

Really living dwelling on the positive moments that make for happy memories and smelling the roses when they bloom. It is sort of like smelling the essence of chocolate in your son's diaper rather then just the poop. (however I still advise you to take it out to the trash asap so it doesn't foul the air for more real living moments).

May you really live today!


Anonymous said...

I disagree that really living is only hinged on happy moments. When I'm really living, I have the balance of high and low, light and dark, happy and mad, essentially the balance of Yin and Yang. I'd much rather go through life really living a full range of experience than living only for the easy ones.

Round Belly said...

I am sorry if you think the posative results of the daily trials I listed are easy. But everyone preferes the battles that they survived to the ones they didn't.

Anonymous said...

Do you learn from the battles that you don't survive? Do you take the time to appreciate the teachers and lessons that come from them?

Anonymous said...

What is surviving? Is surviving learning from all life's lessons? Is surviving only associated with happy moments? To me, surviving is life. And life is everything and then some. And I am happy when I survive, especially when it's surviving deep dark adversity. Because those are the moments when my light truly gets to shine and I know what I am made of. If you only live for happy moments, you're missing out.