Monday, April 24, 2006

God gave this land to me

Ever not know that you were looking for something until you find it?

Sometimes it is just good marketing. But this time it was being led by the hand of my father(s). Heavenly Father knew what I needed and my Dad pointed it out to me. It looked interesting and as fate would have it we happened to all converge at the right time to view the house and land together.

Here is the link to the MLS on the house and 15 achers

The other 65 achers are coming with it (at least to my parents). And they are beautiful. High, rolling and full of trees.

The offer was made Saturday on the house and all 80 achers of land. It was accepted today. We are happy and plan on moving around May 20th.

Anyways after a fun little IM discussion on the wonderful land Dad and I kept trying to call the land "My Land!". We both feel it belongs to us, and indeed it shall.

Have a wonderful day!

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Round Belly said...

or maby we belong to it. Some kind of symbotic relationship where who really owns what it not clearly defined.