Saturday, April 15, 2006


I have a strong streak of anti-establishmentism that runs through my bones. It's buried deep inside but has a tendency to roar when ever the establishment forgets that it was established for the good of the person/people.

The problem with establishments is that they have a tenancy to forget they were established to serve the person. And quite often upon this forgetting they turn around and expect the person to serve them or neglects to serve the person in the name of saving or strengthening the establishment, what is even worse is when it is done in the name of "tradition!"

Service is what life is about not establishments. If the establishment can help us serve others then it has it's purpose but as soon as it gets in the way it should be pushed aside for the people. If any of my customer service reps ever claim establishment or tradition over helping the customer I will personally shoot them.

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Round Belly said...

ok, I won't shoot them, but I will lecture them on the purpose of the establishment