Sunday, July 09, 2006

stream of thought blogging

another beautiful week in Minnesota,
If we keep this record of weather up we will become the new California. "New California" sounds like something out of a sci fi movie. That has nothing but the name in common with it's earthly name sake.

I am not sure what else to say. I have been teaching adult Sunday school these past 2 weeks. i have enjoyed it and get frustrate at how uninterested many people are in the topic. But Being on the other side of the classroom most of the time, I understand many reasons for the lack of involvement. 1- didn't remember to study the topic, 2- busy with baby (yup that is during class). 3-opps my scriptures must have fallen under my bed this week, I couldn't find them on the way to church.

Last week I challenged them all to a homework assignment with a reward of a homemade treat. Only 2 people earned it. (and I was one of them). Part of that is because very few people remembered. Maybe the church should call them to be active Gospel Doctrine students. That might increase their participation for a few weeks.

Anyways, the reason I am so dire on them is that most of the time I am one of them. And once year I promise myself to be prepared for all those great Sunday classes and for a month or two I really study for class every week. And then life happens and I loose my habit. Loosing good habits seem easier then getting rid of bad ones. With the move and whole life upheaval thing I have lost a lot of good habbits I have to find again. Maybe I should look Under the Hill. (don't get the joke? Habbit=hobbit)

So I guess this is time to think about regaining that habbit again, along with story time and teethies time for my children. Anybody who thinks moving is easy doesn't have a family and a business. :)

Have a good Sunday!

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