Saturday, July 01, 2006


Why is he called Superman?

Because he is super.
super-good, sweet , innocent
Super-hard working, long suffering, forgiving, loving
Super cute!! and after reading a few other blog type reviews I know I am not the only one.

I really love his goodness through and through and think that that is where part of women's fascination with him comes from. After all who wouldn't want a husband that good? After saving the world he would still remember to take out the trash.

I really enjoyed the movie, found it touching. I really liked that it didn't focus on fighting, but on saving people. And Super Man's interview with Louis Lane about her article was so well done.

A few things in the movie I would like to point out.
1930s styles where everywhere, wherever they thought they could get away to alluding to the time that the Superman comic first came out they did it. In clothing, set decor and the the like.

2-I felt sorry for Superman's Mom. He really needed to visit her after his little accident. After all she does deserve it.

3-What is it with all these men choosing women so completely wrong for them? Why does Lex Luther hang with the dumbest lady on earth? I mean when he talked about her shopping on the internet for fur coats I really wondered if she was capable of placing an online order. And then pairing Louis with the sweetness and goodness of Superman? Come on, Superman deserves someone as good hearted and innocent as he is.

Ok- I don't think I spoiled the movie for you- but go and see it. Then cheer with me for the hope they make another.

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