Saturday, August 02, 2008

thoughts of the day

Galen loves it when I read to him. His favorite bed time story is Dr Suess's Sleep Book and he almost always falls asleep before it is over. And because getting him to sleep is one of our daily battles, I always willingly read it to him. So after about 500 times of reading it, I hardly even bother to open the book anymore. Galen brought it to me last night, while I was nursing Shannon, so I started reciting it with out opening the book. After about 7 pages in, he got me a book I don't know as well.

It was still Dr. Seuss, but the effect wasn't as immediate. AS you can see here, he actually made it out to my chair before falling asleep.

Here are the most recent pictures of Shannon. I was trying to get her to smile for you, but she wiggles when she smiles and that made for blurry pictures.

And finally..... what do you a group of boys?

You have a gaggle of geese, a pride of lions, a streak of tigers, a herd of cattle, a giggle of girls. For a group of boys, it is a "mess".

And here is a wonderful picture of a mess of boys sleeping on our couch.

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