Friday, October 01, 2010

Triple Blessed

I feel very blessed today.

I live a life where when I crave something- generally all I have to do is make it or run to the store for the 1 or 2 ingredents I am missing adn then I can make it. It doesn't matter much what I crave, there is always an easy way to get it- whether it is cheesecake or bowwow.

I also live a life where the information I desire lies at my fingertips (on any non-personal items, but a lot of others' personal items).

I also live in a house that is largely designed to heat itself and keep its self fairly clean, so when I have days that I don't feel blessed enough to do anything but sleep- I can choose to without falling too far behind.

I feel blessed to live in an age of washing machines, farmer's markets and fetal dopplers.

I feel blessed to have parents that dote on me, so I have the time to dote on my children.

I feel blessed to have the ability to store the food and clothes that we will need in the near future. (which reminds me of more chores to do)

But mostly I feel blessed to have bowwow, bananas and fresh picked broccoli to eat today.

Life is good.

Life is great.

I feel blessed to have the cutest kids on earth. I feel blessed to be challenged by their differences and special needs. I feel blessed to have time to read to them, cuddle them, adore them and be surprised and marveled by them.

I feel blessed to have a husband who is working hard to support us and grow his own capacity to love, serve and support us. I feel blessed to have a husband who is good at bed sport, and still looks at my naked, pregnant body, as if it's s sight for sore eyes.

I feel blessed to have a body that is capable of carrying babies, growing them 40 weeks and them pushing them out easily- and them nursing them for the next 2 years.

I feel blessed to have temperate weather so my windows are still open. I feel blessed to hear the noises of kids playing outside and the sunshine still warming my skin.

I feel blessed for my awesome life at this awesome time.

I know things will change, more challenges will come, and I feel blessed to be able to prepare for some of those changes.

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