Sunday, July 14, 2013

Neuton's 3rd Law in action.

Part of the problem in living life is that every action we take has an equal and opposite reaction. Some are obvious other are hidden for weeks, months or years. We often base our actions on the obvious ones, and teach our kids to do the same. "You do your chore, you get computer time." But sometimes it is not that easy.

For example; when we moved into this house several years ago my daughter, who was a very light sleeper, had the bedroom next to the bathroom. I soon learned that if I aspired to a good night's rest then I better not do anything to disturb her while she slept. The meant that I couldn't flush the toilet while she was sleeping without the risk of waking her. I soon realized that it made the most sense to let it mellow if its yellow, but if its brown, flush it down.

Well, my other children all thought that if Mommy didn't have to flush the toilet at night, then they needn't flush the toilet, ever. So almost every time I walk into any bathroom in the house, it needs a good flushing. When its 85 degrees, then sometimes I even notice they need a good flushing from several rooms away.

We have discussed this in family meetings. The dogs have patiently waited for the toilets to get flushed, just so the could drink from it.

Is it seriously that hard to flush a toilet? Or will I always regret the year of trying not to share my bed with my toddler?

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