Monday, July 08, 2013

Impending 7th birth

I haven't blogged much about the impending birth of my 7th child. It is hard to add further information to what I have already blogged on the topic of grandmultiparas.

All I know is that I am tired and ornery and already dilating ( a whole 1 cm!)...but slowly. Baby isn't scheduled for another month, but when it is 89 degrees outside you stop caring too much and tell your little one she can come as long as she is developed enough to breathe and have her liver kick in. And I also know that every time I move, walk, change laundry, try to sit up.... it feels like a decent contraction, but it is hard to be sure with the baby big enough that all you feel is baby bones every time you touch your overwhelmingly large belly.

I have finally started nesting, cleaning things and sewing curtains and table clothes and the like. I have also already washed the stuff I need immediately for baby- bedding and clothing and lots of well loved receiving blankets. Some are the same ones that I used for my first baby (and all since). And I made sure to put the emergency birth kits in the cars.

It is amazing how much peace of mind it gives me know that no matter where baby decides to come that all I have to do is have someone run out to the car and I will have the necessary supplies to birth without fear (and hopefully make it safely home with baby with no medical interventions!)

We had to take Reuben's toddler bed out of his room today. I found him this morning standing on it , leaning out his upstairs window, in which he had already knocked out his screen. Yeah.... He's not strong enough to move his new big boy bed. It was a good thing we had warm sunshine this morning, or else the mosquito horde would have stolen my son away, or left him as a withered husk.

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