Wednesday, July 31, 2013

still pregnant

I'm still pregnant, but just want to be left alone to die in peace.
I probably wouldn't feel that way if I was actually dying, but right now, I feel miserable and really just want my own quiet space to be left alone in.

Perhaps I am still trying to make room in my life for this baby and it's not coming easily.

And of course I am ridiculously hormonal and very easy to make cry.

I feel sorry for everyone who has to be around me.


yanga tonga said...

hey I am considering getting pregnant.... how does it feel like. I mean on a day to day basis. ooh and congratulations.

Round Belly said...

In many ways, being pregnant, feels like you are finally doing what you were meant to do. There is a quiet happiness inside you. It helps to compensate for the physical uncomfortableness of the last few weeks (or even for the early weeks).