Monday, March 27, 2006

A blog down Memory Lane

A few days ago while packing up some books I came cross a cook book the my Mother in Law gave to me. It was your classic collection of recipes done from her side of the family. And a recipe in there called "Lucile's Good things" caught me attention. I recognized it as a childhood favorite called "Hay stacks"

Now those of you who remember Mrs. Z and her haystacks are oohing and awing. So in her memory I bought the materials and made some haystacks with the kids. And I found the missing key- letting the marshmallow get hot enough to melt and blend in the Carmel.

The recipe made so many of these wonderful hay stacks that we quickly declared our mistake and vowed to invite all the cousins together next time we make them :) And then send them all home.

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Anonymous said...

we made one called haystacks that involved chinese noodles and chocolate, I dont recall what else it had possibly marshmallows.