Saturday, September 23, 2006

Plan B

I am going to be quoting a lot of a book entitled "Plan B" on my blog in the coming days/weeks. Plan B is written by Lester R Brown and to put it simply it is about saving our planet and society from our self destructive path.

The budget to effect the changes to Eradicate Poverty, and restore the earth is only 1/3 of the US's military budget. We have all the tools and knowledge needed. All we need is mobilization. And we need it before nature's time runs out.

"We know that sustainable progress depends on restructuring the global economy to one based on renewable resources, a diverse transportation system, and a comprehensive reuse/recycle materials system. Sustaining progress also means eradicating poverty, stabilizing population, and restoring the earth's natural systems. Securing the additional public outlays needed to reach these goals depends on reordering fiscal priorities in response to the new threats to security.

In this mobilization, the scarcest resource of all is time. The temptation is to reset the clock, but we cannot. Nature is the timekeeper."


I_Wonder said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about "Plan B".

whitesnake said...

Is there really a plan b?