Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm hoppy!

Like a frog I am feeling very hoppy today.

That of course is probably due to the little sports injury I sustained doing my daily Olympic triathlon. (waking Galen up, getting Galen dressed, getting Galen on the bus).

This is the first autistic school day Galen has had this year, so I was kinda out of training, and it shows.

So now instead of walking or crawling, I get to wiggle, butt scoot and use some crutches..

I sustained a rather painful knee injury. I think I must have ripped a tendon on the inside of the knee. The doc said that nothing was obviously broken and to verify more then that would take an MRI. So I am to try to heal, and if it doesn't, then I get an MRI on the poor knee.

Clayton is having a hard time with it. As he is used to being able to be carried and crawling all over Mama.

Meanwhile I plan to send some praise and thanks to the school district bus staff. For when I fell loading Galen on the bus, the bus driver called my husband (no answer) and then my parents for me. Then waited with a bus load of kids until the head of the transportation came out to be with me until my parents showed. Meanwhile I was sitting on the side of the road holding my knee and screaming (most unlady like) in pain. (but not unlike some labors). That scream came again when Galen bumped my knee during reading time.

So I am very hoppy for the immediate future. And I wish you the most happiness. (but I do advise not trying for hoppiness).

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the injury, hope everything is ok.