Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well, I cant say reclaiming my kitchen has been a huge success. It has meant that I clean, I cook and I clean and I cook. It has at least made it possible for me to cook occasionally though, because the kitchen was at least cleaned some time in the last week. And also that I clean while I cook.

I have also taken over the laundry again. And that I have seen much improvement in.

But it all boils down to that fact that we are eating better, and eating out less, and have clean clothes to wear. Some of which are still not folded. The eating better is very important because I draw my physical energy from my food, and my body really can tell when I feed it well verses just feed it.

Meanwhile I actually managed to take 40 hours off this weekend. So I am ready to hit the business mode again. Watch out and send me your to do lists....

now it is time for most challenging task of the weekend- Getting Galen to do his homework. :)

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