Saturday, September 02, 2006


I reclaimed my kitchen today, which is kinda like reclaiming my soul, my center, my universe, family. It grounds me with my past and present role, one decreed by gender and spirit. One that also connects me to my mother, grandmothers and women kind who spent lives in their kitchen to take care of their families. And of course it connects me to Mother Earth and her wonderful bounty in which I am a partner in the role of the nutrient cycle.

It allows me to find my familiar and necessary place in the great clockwork of the universe. To make my dent in time because I loved someone enough to feed them. Not just once, but day in and day out. And to maintain the system that allows that to happen.

So I reclaimed my kitchen today. May bounteous nourishment and love shine for from it, as a beacon in the dark fast food world and lead the hungry to food, the lonely to comfort and the pained to health.

May your kitchens be reclaimed and shine forth in equal accomplishments.

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Paul said...

Very well written