Wednesday, June 06, 2007


We just spent 10 minutes trying to get my computer to connect to the net again. The surgery is done, the accomplished what they had planned on accomplishing. The Doctor said his internal anatomy is a little weird. The spinal fluid sack was not just a spinal fluid sack but held a cyst of the spinal cord it's self. The bottom of the spinal cord did not form normally, but made a ball and the fluid sack was around that. He cut it above the ball and the spinal cord went back up near where it is supposed to be.

It appears as if the nerves to his bowels and bladder did not form, for they usually come off the very bottom of the spinal cord. However, even though this is being said by the doctors, does not mean he has not slowly been acquiring function through some other, maybe secondary nerves, as has been discovered in the cases of quadriplegics.

My personal research and connections give me much hope for his continued acquisition of function, meanwhile the surgery was successful in accomplishing all of it's designs. Ian should be coming up from recovery in 15-30 min.

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