Sunday, June 10, 2007


Ian just fell asleep under the strangest of circumstances. First of all he played hard all afternoon, forgoing his nap. Then we went out to eat at the cafeteria and walked in the courtyard, and made it back in time for the urology tech to do his thing.

Of course that is when we discovered he had a slightly poopie diaper, and the poop got up into the dressing on his incision. So we had to call in the nurse to change the dressing. She asked if he could lay back up to better clean it. So we put Ian, back side up on the bed. Ian didnt want to lay on his belly, so his but was up and his head was at the strange angle, meeting the sat up bed.

And while he was being cleaned and redressed he fell asleep. Kinda funny- but we took pitty on him and lowered the angle of the bed. He is still asleep. Must have played hard.

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