Friday, June 08, 2007


Sorry I missed the just before everyone leaves work update. I was napping. Yup, I get to take the night shift here tonight. I also did laundry and made dinner. But now I am back and ready to yap at you about all that went on when I was gone.

Ian has been very awake today and asking all sorts of questions of everyone that would come in. He asked them all about when they are going home, and how they are going home. He quizzed Raffel's nurse on it for 3 minutes. And he has stated that he wants to go home. Meanwhile he is making us giggle with his cute literalisms and turns of phrase.

Ian actually napped while I was out. But he is just waking up now. The weekend doc came in and said he was allowed to sit up to 30 degrees tonight. Tomorrow he can sit up all the way, and maybe get out of bed tomorrow. Then it looks like another day beyond that to stabilize his bladder issues.

Ian wants pizza with chocolate pudding on it. But he is having pizza now and the chocolate pudding is being served separately.

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