Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday, Day 5

9:45 am

Well we are not going home today. Ian is getting his dressing off, and more used to being catheterized. I can tell I have written that word too often, I spelled it right the first try.

My personal theory is that they are waiting on his actual doctor to release him (and not just some intern or resident that has to work all weekend).

Ian is playing spoiled prince this morning. He doesn't want to eat the ham in his omelet. But I think overall he is happy to eat and he does look forward to going back to the play room.

I slept like several rocks last night. Not waking up until Mike called and asked if I wanted breakfast at 9am. Mom is taking Ewan and Clay to church. She let sleeping Galen lie. Half of me wonders if Galen will be awake before she gets back. After staying a night at Chester's he might just sleep most of the day.

We had a sweetheart of a nurse last night. A 300 pound younger man. He reminded me of a guy a dated in college. Now days though, I would be less likely to let the weight stop me dead in my tracks. Anyways, it is always nice to come across somebody so sweet, gentle and kind.

Well, That is about all I know this morning.

Have a wonderful day!

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