Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Wish list

For those who wish to have a guide.

Galen: Care Bears- glow in the dark "Share Bear". Star Wars Lego N-1 Naboo star fighter with vulture droid
Ian: Marble race way, Thomas and friends stuff, glow in the dark care bear
Ewan: Darth Vader Stuff, rabbit, glow in dark dinosaur, street sweeper lego, something to camouflages, parashoots
Clay: Ride on or pull behind toy, he loves to color, play with the kitty and have books read to him.

General idea: art supplies (no paint please), books, activity kits

Mom: a quiet afternoon, solar heated house, larger water heater, a few more bedrooms, a clean house, (ok, so now I am dreaming), good bike, fresh organic tomatoes,

Dad: I'll have to ask him- more later


Anonymous said...

This is helpful! Thanks! I'll post one on my website soon. We should talk about any gift stuff at Thanksgiving. See you soon! Have a great day!

Amy said...

Thanks, that's a cool idea to post the list online. I think rochester and I will probably do that too. Can I really get your kid a bunny?