Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's all your fault!

You know who you are, don't deny it.

You ruined my dinner plan (twice) tonight.

Yup. The package from your freezer (which you gave to me when you were cleaning it out) said "Turkey Breast" I envisioned a boneless, skinless turkey breasts- the package wasn't big enough for a bone in turkey breast. So I had planned on cooking a (or several) hunk(s) of meat - herb seasoned- to serve with the Dijon roasted potatoes.

But NO! when I opened the defrosted package- it was thinly sliced. Lunch meat style turkey breast.

Ok- time for a new recipe plan- turkey and cranberry sandwiches. But as each of my children, inevitably tasted the turkey breast- they all left after only 1 bite. It was highly salty for their organic turkey taste buds. (talk about spoiled kids). And it didn't taste that great with the cranberry sauce.

Time for a third try. Then I took a piece, rinsed it (to reduce the salt) and rubbed some of the left over Dijon sauce on my turkey- that wasn't too bad. So I decided to rinse all the turkey- rubbed in Dijon sauce and rolled around carrots- these are now roasting next to the potatoes.

And if it doesn't work- you will hear about it- TRUST ME!

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