Monday, November 05, 2007

rambles of the day

Days with no School have a tendency to sneak up on a mother. Today was one of them.

It didn't really hit consciousness until sometime yesterday- so I decided it would be better to reschedule my ob appointment- that I made in Crosby until later. But it took me over an hour on the phone to get to a point where I could even leave a message about not being able to make it. That kind of phone time is bit going to work for me. I can schedule at the Mayo easier.

So I am just going to hold my horse and hope that our closest midwife's school dean will allow her to work with me. Technically she is not supposed to do any midwifery while in school- but I have a few unique circumstances that is worth consideration for her school dean to let her anyways.- Mostly the lack of other midwives in the area and the short time it took Clay to emerge into the world. She is about 1 hour from my house, but she is closer then the other midwives- whom are 1.5-3 hours away. As you can imagine, we are definitively going learn about what to do if the baby get here before the midwife.


littlesis said...

have you ever considered Midwifery? it's really quite popular around here... or becoming a Doula? I think you'd be super good at it :)

Round Belly said...

I have often thought about going into midwifery, but with the demands the schooling would place on me (and the locations), I have given up that notion until my children are old enough to not need me every second.