Thursday, November 29, 2007

It could be worse....

Well, A wild ride is what I got for this week.

Tuesday was by far the worst day of the whole pregnancy. I was so sick I just lied in bed (as much as a mother with 2 toddlers can) and cried.

And my poor husband. Tuesday was his birthday. We had a baby sitter lined up and were planning to go out. But I couldn't even respond to him when he came in.

And our water heater went out too- but I really didn't miss it on Tuesday, but by Wednesday I did. And after a quick on the scene investigation, I called for some professional help. But they were booked through Friday- 2 placed booked through Friday! So I agreed to pay the overtime rate and got someone out about about 6pm. Our water heater has a broken igniter. And the plumber company's suppliers do not carry that brand......
So a quick web search produced desired results with overnight shipping coming to more then the part. It should be here tomorrow.

And today, I was at least moving. I had to conquer that pile of sky high dishes and dirty kitchen, even with no running hot water. How did the do it 100 years ago? Duh! they kept water in big pots on the stove at most times and often near the fire. So 6 pots of hot water later and I had a clean kitchen (mopped floor and all). And while we ate dinner I boiled another pot for those dishes (and also used it to bath my Ian).

Then this afternoon I went to my mother's house for a bath. Pregnant women have amazing abilities to smell, and man, did I smell! Then I actually had a nap, made a birthday cake and my man's favorite dinner, sang happy birthday and put my kids to bed. All before nausea kicked in too strongly.

Mike is less ornery, now that someone acknowledges that he had a birthday. Boys can be so sensitive sometimes. And I got him a great card. The cover shows a woman at the sink washing dishes she is saying "The garbage needs to go out and the kids tracked mud through the living room today." Her husband is at the table and he says "Talk dirty to me, baby".

Then in the inside it says" we'll find some way to keep the romance alive, happy birthday"

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Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, I am so glad you had some better days. What a wild pregnancy you're having! I am nearby if you need a hand or a space for some kids (as long as I'm not in a crazy emotional state like I've been this week). Just give a call!

take care and thanks for the card humor. I completely connected with it.