Monday, March 03, 2008

And now for your laughing pleasure

... I will express how well I did with this list today. It is color coded. RED= red alert, failure, denial or some other such thing. Orange = did but I have caution about the results. Green= go ahead and cheer.

1. Shipping and packing for Biz- I did it, I thought I did well, but printed out several wrong packing slips and completely missing one of the sales. Poor lady, I hope she doesn't need it before next week.
2. Mail- yup, not too hard, when it is all ready and in front of you.
3. go to the store, buy the following: Granola bars, juices, bananas (for a breakfast in the car). And then of course pullups and wipes, just to have enough for the trip and a few extra at home.- Yup, done too. I am fairly proficient at grocery shopping. I do seem to have to accomplish every week or so.
4. Ironing. (this only makes my list when I am desperate to wear something that needs it)- I ignored this one. Just decided that the hotel should have an iron. Or if worse comes to worse, I could always hang it when we shower.
5. Pack my luggage- done,
6. Help all the kids pack their carry ons.- Helping kids be independent is always a lot harder then just doing for them. We shall see at security check tomorrow how well we did :)
7. Pack the car.- will do in the morning. No way did this manage to squeeze into tonight.
8. Bring Sam to Lorna, who is dog sitting.- Done, with even remembering things like leashes and dog food. Sam didn't car for the car ride. But he seems to like Lorna's.
9. Recycling- it is already in my car, so I will do at the same time as the dog, post office, and grocery store run.- Accomplished :)
10. water plants- Had Ewan do. I hope he gave them enough.
11. all dishes done.- Had the kids and Mike do. They did better then they normally do. Howbe it the kitchen still looks a mess.
12. All laundry done? At least the wet and stinky stuff.- LOL yup, the is the laughable item on my list today. Didn't even come close.
13. Have a cup of tea. (or 2 even) I managed one, fairly early today too.
14. compost out- again, assigned to a child. I am not sure how I should color code this one. Does it count if they emptied it unto the back steps?
15. charge my cell phone- he he!!! another easy one!
16. Email working business files to myself- yup, when I finally gave up on answering email- at about 9:30 pm
17. eat lunch- I did sit down and eat something at about lunch time.
18 make dinner (it always helps to have things on your list that you have to do anyways).- YUp when I was too tired to continue packing- about about 6:30, I remembered this little item on my list. I used up most of the left overs too.
19. Call the Mayo Clinic, check on current scheduling for Ian.- Again, another accomplishment (boy am I getting good as I go down this list.)
20. Take care of Ian,- Well, I remembered 1 of his 3 meds and did managed to get him to sit on the potty and cath him, all without too many threats of leaving him in Texas.
21. Lay out all clothes we will wear tomorrow.- About 50% accomplished. Those whom I dress are laid out.

I also added 2 more items to my to do list today:
22. Feed Cat- Assigned to the kids. They said they did it. I think it may have to be done again in the morning.
23. Transfer all call to my cell phone- otherwise known as call forwarding. ACCOMPLISHED!! now I can go Coo- Coo answering my phone 100 times during my vacation.

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