Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, I now have a crock pot full of stuffing casserole, so I can sit down and blog! (an exclamation point? What do you think blogging is? Is it a highlight of your day or something?, Nope, just I like to pursue whatever I do with a little bit of passion. It makes life more interesting. Like I need more of that).

I've been feeling more like cleaning lately and also somewhat creative.(- if you need confirmation of this you are welcome to ask my pattern maker.) I wake up from my naps, with want I want clearly envisioned in my mind. Sometimes it is new clothes or baby dresses, other times like Friday, I knew what I wanted for dinner. I wanted a juicy hamburger and strawberry shortcake. And I am not just talking any hamburger and shortcake, I am talking real, nutrient dense hamburger and shortcake. So, I had to go grocery shopping. (and then mopped the floor)

When I was at the store, not only did I find fresh strawberries, but fresh blueberries as well. YUM, YUM, pancake time!!!! So Saturday morning I called my parents and invited them to blueberry pancakes. They decided it sounded like a good idea.

So an hour later, they showed up and enjoyed the best pancakes in the universe. Nobody believed me that it was breakfast time though, because, for once, I didn't make the smoke detector go off.

At the tail end of breakfast, my parents noticed a strange smell in the house, so we stepped outside to the vents, and the smell was a lot stronger. It smelled like a lot of 1/2 burnt furnace gas. Dad said it smelled like the kind of furnace problems that kills people. So we decided to call the repair man. And while waiting for him, Mom and I cleaned.

I love cleaning with people. Especially with people who know how to clean, She got corners, we got piles of things sitting in corners and we accomplished 3 rooms while the boys were outside to play.

The furnace repair man came, and after some work he said our heat exchanger was cracked and needed to be replaced, and also that the carbon monoxide was off the scale on the furnace vent and that the furnace will have to be turned off until they can repair it. Repairing it, of course requires waiting until the part store is open on Monday, ordering the part in and then doing the actual repair work.

Meanwhile, they would have to unplug one of our major appliances to plug in a temporary space heater. Usually they unplug the dryer, but upon quick assessment, we decided the stove would be a better choice for us. Now, we have a stove pushed out from the wall, but still enough room for a pregnant body to maneuver in the kitchen (at least well enough to chop enough stuff to fill a crock pot). And we also decided that to take our laundry off line for 1/2 week, not to mention the work of getting to the laundry plug behind the stacked set and the small size of that room.... would have a much quicker and dyer consequences.

So now, I have full use of my crock pots and toaster oven, just my stove and main oven will be offline until it gets warm enough to unplug that little space heater.

Meanwhile, Mike and I are very thankful that :
A. We still have hot water (although the carbon monoxide is higher on it then it should be too, and that repair is scheduled to take place this week).
B. That it is the end of March and not the end of January (or any other time when the mean temp is -20).
C. That we are alive as one happy family. (Although if one has to go Carbon Monoxide poisoning doesn't sound like the worse way to go. I mean, you all go to bed and just never wake up. And at least you are together as a family. Of course, then you would miss out on the more interesting parts of your life. *)

* the unknown is always the most interesting. At least is should be worth paying attention to. And besides, it would be sad to miss out on the newest member of my family. I think she's worth sticking around for.

There is a great saying- ok several actually- in the book I am reading. It is actually used as a curse to the people of the counter continent. And it is this "May you live in interesting times."

But, for me, I will consider it a blessing. A blessing on all those who have faith and hope in a beautiful future of change and opportunity. Even the most challenging circumstances is nothing more then a blessing in disguise.

May you live in interesting times.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you discovered the problem with the furnace before anything bad happened.