Monday, March 24, 2008

Beached Whale

When we were at Sea World,
That big happy looking whale that we got a lot of pictures of, decided he didn't want to cooperate for the fancy show. So they canceled the show, and explained that they use only "positive discipline" on the whales. Which means if they whales are good, they get lots of lovely attention, and when they are not, they are ignored. And considering the whale was just over 2 tons, they had very little choice in the matter.

Some days it feels like Galen is a beached whale. The 100 pounds of him refuses to move, and there is little alternative, but to wait until he is ready.

His autism has really been showing from about Thursday last week on. I guess there was a full moon Friday, and full moons seem to keep him awake all night, which makes it hard for him to get up and cooperate, throw in a holiday schedule, a new bunny for a brother, and some colored candy....sounds like a perfect set up for a very beached whale situation.

I was really hoping they would go back to school today and I could clean this house. But the one who could talk this morning complained of "feeling like he wants to throw up." (and he was the one who didn't even eat all his chocolate bunny).

Well, if anybody so much as peeks their head out of their bedrooms - they will be going to school.

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