Monday, March 03, 2008

My to do list today

1. Shipping and packing for Biz
2. Mail
3. go to the store, buy the following: Granola bars, juices, bananas (for a breakfast in the car). And then of course pullups and wipes, just to have enough for the trip and a few extra at home.
4. Ironing. (this only makes my list when I am desperate to wear something that needs it)
5. Pack my luggage
6. Help all the kids pack their carry ons.
7. Pack the car.
8. Bring Sam to Lorna, who is dog sitting.
9. Recycling- it is already in my car, so I will do at the same time as the dog, post office, and grocery store run.
10. water plants
11. all dishes done.
12. All laundry done? At least the wet and stinky stuff.
13. Have a cup of tea. (or 2 even)
14. compost out
15. charge my cell phone
16. Email working business files to myself
17. eat lunch
18 make dinner (it always helps to have things on your list that you have to do anyways).
19. Call the Mayo Clinic, check on current scheduling for Ian.
20. Take care of Ian,
21. Lay out all clothes we will wear tomorrow.

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