Tuesday, April 22, 2008

7.5 weeks to go

That means 5.5 weeks left of school, 3.5 weeks left of preschool. Of course mine is not scheduled. It might decide that 7.5 weeks is not it's number and do something like Clay and wait 8 weeks, or something like Ian and choose 6.5 weeks. But that doesn't concern me.

What concerns me is the never ending list of stuff that I would like to get done first. So far the 2 I was supposed have accomplished by now have not been completed. we still have to moved beds, get new bunk beds and put clay upstairs. I still have my little crib bumper to finish.... and I don't even want you to think about how bad my house looks right now. It is easy to tell that I was working rather then cleaning yesterday.

The good news is, all that sand comes from a sandbox that has received hours and hours of use since the weather warmed. The more they are outside, the better they sleep!!! Especially that Galen kid.- who doesn't want to go to school, but instead be playing outside. And physically, I can not get him dressed or drag him on to the bus any more. He has to have some measure of cooperation. Which will make it more challenging for school. School will now have to convince Galen that it is worth going......
Sounds like a challenge. Do you think the school can compete with sand and sun?

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Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well in the coming weeks. Am looking forward to your new little bundle of joy!