Sunday, April 27, 2008

sunny, but snowed in

Can you believe it? Another snow storm in April! This weather throws us back to what March should have been. And we are not plowed out yet. We get terrible drifting over our driveway and the small amount of clearance had by our minivan and pruis just doesn't cut it for drifted drives.

May is only 4 days away. My dad suggested May may not be coming this year. I told him that that would explain the weather, but it would also mean that I would pregnant forever- And I think I am against that notion.

I can't really guess at how much snow we got, as the wind made it quite thin in some places and quite heavy in others. All I know is our Sam Dog wanted out yesterday afternoon, and as soon as he got out there he looked around and changed his mind. I made him stay out for a while anyways.

So today I guess I get to make pancakes, and hang out with my sewing machine-.. working on all the indoor items on my "To do before the baby comes" list.

Which is really kinda sad, I was hoping to get out of the house today... I wanted to go to church and participate in Sis. Philaja's class on the talk given by King Ben to his people. But I guess that is life.

In the old days they had horses that pulled plows. Kinda makes me think about the usefulness of the horse. We have lots of deer. I wonder how it would work to have 6 white tailed deer pulling a plow? Sam would love to herd them.

well, enough with topic jumping and what not. Baby needs some pancakes!

She is a bony twerp at this point. Always at the surface with nice hard bones- grown mostly without milk, but heavy on the broccoli, beans and almonds.

She is definitely getting bigger, her bones have mostly filled up my belly and went beyond the first several ribs. She is nearly up to my sternum. She is going to have learn to grow out, and not just up. 7 more weeks. And then we get to see this cute little thing.... see if our guess are right and she is nothing but bones. I was teasing Mike that she could be like Grandpa Paul at birth. 6.5 pounds and 22.5" long. Grandma said he looked like a plucked squirrel. Galen was 22.5" long but 10 pounds, and he looked skinny too.

We shall see.... and I promise pics when the baby comes.

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