Thursday, April 17, 2008

full of **it

One could say my life is full of s***. What they can't say right now is that Ian is still full of s***.

Nope. Over the last two days the stuff that filled his little belly, from his butt to his lungs has been successfully eliminated into my toilet, onto my floor, over a lot of clothes, and (of course) all over the bath tub.

The fact that he was filled so full of it was determined from every doc that looked at his x-rays while we were at the Mayo on Monday and Tuesday. As a result, we have some new medicines and some new procedures to learn. He now has a prescription bowel softener- the over the counter stuff was too hard for him to drink it all. We also have an at-home-enema kit to use every night on the poor child. It was hard enough to get him to accept being cathed. Now we get to intrude on both openings on his lower side.

Of course, what caused him to be cleaned out before the enemas is the whole bottle (10 oz) of sodium citrate he drank on his ride home Tuesday night. And then the 3 docolaxes each day following.

So, I have been up to my elbows in **it (and the enema kit hasn't even arrived yet).

When Mike saw the bathroom after Ian tonight his response was "I think I'll start using the other bathroom."

My response was "I got to get this cleaned up so I don't have waddle through the house, in the cold darkness, just to go pee tonight." After all, I have only gone pee almost every hour for the last few weeks. Last night, I think, it must have been around 6 times.

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