Sunday, April 13, 2008

Itchy Belly

What does it mean when a pregnant women gets an itchy belly?

It means, an other layer of stretch marks is under construction. Yup. That cheesecake I gobbled all by myself went directly to the growth of the baby, and secondly to the growth of the lump stretching what is left of the skin on my belly.

Now every baby had to leave it's own marks. They weren't content in just reusing the stretch marks of their brothers before them. Each one had to leave his own distinct pattern, and when you already had 4 patterns of stretch marks criss crossing your abdomen.... one didn't think much about number 5.

Number 5's (maybe we should call her Johnny) she has no choice left but to stretch all the gaps left between all the other stretch marks. I am not sure I have any normal skin left on my belly. It all has been stretched, puckered, pinked, paled and then restretched again, in new ways.

Earlier, a few months ago, I noticed I didn't need to count down the weeks, I could just check to see how much extra skin was still hanging off the bottom of my belly. It was inches. Now I am down to about 1/4" hanging off the bottom...and new stretch marks on top.

The problem is my breasts are also itchy... with new little bright pink stretch marks.

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