Tuesday, September 30, 2008

almost completely, but not totally unlike a pillow

The pillows they have here- probably have no right to bare that name. It is almost completely unlike a pillow. It isn't soft like a pillow, it is only vaguely shaped like a pillow, it doesn't smell like a pillow. It definitively doesn't support like a pillow. In fact the only reason I would even imagine that it is marauding as a pillow is the fact that is comes in a pillow case that match the rest of hospital linens for quality, or lack there of.

The Doc's assistant came in to see how Ian was doing. He is running clear enough right now that surgery is a go at 7ish tomorrow morning. Then he informed us that we will have a clinic office visit on Monday to follow up on the training of the c-costomy... well, there goes my weekend.

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