Monday, September 29, 2008

to market to market

to buy a fat hog.... or at least get another surgery.

Let's see Ian is being prepped for his tubes and lines, meanwhile he is in the play room waiting for the numbing cream to kick in. Then he gets a tube down his nose (NG) and the go lightly will be dribbled directly into his stomach for the next several days. After that- with in minutes he will get an IV with antibiotics as prep for the bowel surgery. Remind me to feed him lots of live yogurt next week.

Shannon is asleep on Ian's bed. The nurses will be bringing in a crib for her. That will be nice to leave our portacrib at the hotel.

Clay and his kitty are Grandma's side kick the next few days. The boys are off to school, but of course Galen forgot his back pack when he packed for Grandma's.

Amy is hoping to join us here this week and have a new baby of her own, although unless the baby is really sick she and him will be at the other hospital.

That is all I know for now. It is amazing that i have to use words on this blog. I have no easy way to deal with pictures on my portable computer.

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Anonymous said...

we will be praying for both Ian and Amy and also her new baby.