Monday, September 01, 2008

Autism Bites

or at least yells, tantrums and kicks. luckily our biting is very limited around here. But I can't say the same things for tantrums, or meltdowns, as we call them.

We should have taken the early meltdowns, at the end of mini golfing, as a warning. We almost did, but then my sister pulled the "I bought cake for everyone" card and we were forced to play, and our hand looked all right against the bet of Rafferty's pizza, but as soon as it was time to go. Galen folded.

For 20 minutes he screamed and kicked and tried to get out of the car while it was moving. It was so bad that I sat back there with him to keep the damage minimal.

But he was calm by the time we got home and then the real work began. Getting 3 kids ready for school is not the easiest task, and when you add Ian's and Galen's issues on top of that, it becomes a much more time intensive task.

and other notes of this week: We spent our Saturday date night in the ER with Clay. He nearly cut the top of his ring finger off. Expect for the fact that I forgot my purse and cell phone, it was almost like a date. We only had 2 kids with us for a night out. But because I forgot my purse we didn't have means to call anybody or pay for anything that doesn't accept Discover card (the card Mike carries). But we ended up with take home to bake pizza and yet one more medical bill.

our washer is still broken. The part should be on order, but everyone who can install it must be on vacation- I plan to annoy them tomorrow.

Shannon is the light of every group of women. They all love to hold her and watch her smile and wiggle with glee. Someday I will post more picture,.... i just haven't even had time to pick up my office, none the less take picture lately.

I am hoping things calm down a bit when the kids are back in school. TOMORROW!!!!
The sun will come out tomorrow.

Right now everything that needs to be done is labeled "tomorrow." that however, doesn't count my shower and teeth brushing.

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