Thursday, September 04, 2008

Infinite patience

When I was growing up, I would often change out of the clothes Mom wanted me in. This occurred most often with pants. There was something about the fit and texture of many pairs of pants that made life uncomfortable.

These last few months I have realized that that is a sensory issue. I am very sensitive to what is touching my skin. That is why I end up wearing lots of soft shapeless things and many more skirts then pants.

But often, I remembered how I couldn't stand the pants Mom wanted me to wear as a child and this has helped me with Galen. Galen has sensory issues, and often it worse on some days then others, other times it is the same sensory issue all the time. For Galen the biggies are how his socks and shoes fit. The last few days the T shirts I dressed him in were not soft enough.

But Because I remember this was a real thing with me, I have nearly infinite patience with him when he complains that something is itchy or otherwise uncomfortable for him. This infinite patience saves lots of time. As soon as he expresses a problem we can quickly deal with it and get on our way. If I argued with him on weather this was a real problem or what he wanted to wear he would melt down and throw a fit and not be ready in time for the bus.

So maybe my Dad is right. Infinite patience brings immediate results.

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