Sunday, March 04, 2012

God Bless the USA

224 years ago, a group of God inspired men got together and penned a document that lays together the government of of this fair land. It carefully lays out a Federal Government with 3 distinct branches to provide check and balances to each other and keep any one group from getting too much power. With in a few years they added 10 amendments to this great document known as the "Bill of Rights."

Amendment 1 is our right to free exercise of Religion, Speech, Press and Assembly.

Amendment 2 is our right to keep and bear arms.

Amendment 4 is our right to have a warrant requiring probable cause before any government official can do a search or seizure of our location and property.

Amendment 5 and 6 are the rights to juries, trials and help with defense of someone accused of a crime.

Amendment 7 allows us to bring civil suits for grievances.

Amendment 8 is against excessive bails, fines and cruel and unusual punishment.

Amendment 10 States that all powers not specifically given to the federal government is given to the states.

WE the People can only be free when we are willing to abide by this Constitution and let no governing powers take it away from us.

Stand up for this beautiful document. Stand against government corruption, for the usurping of powers by any branch, stand up against the tyranny of corporate lobbyist or overextending military reach and take back our freedom.

There ain't no doubt I love this Land. God protect the USA.

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