Sunday, March 18, 2012

Memories of 14 years ago today...

14 Years ago today my sweetie and I were married for all time and Eternity. It was an arranged marriage. We barely knew the other existed 3 months before we were married, we had talked some on the phone and had met each other once- he wanted to meet me before I flew home for Christmas, but it was finals week and I had an exam on the writings of Isaiah to study for. He listened on the phone while I studied. Luckily, most of Isaiah is poetry and flows of the tongue in sinuating waves. So he decided to offer me a ride to the airport. Sure, I would save the $75 bucks adn take a shot at letting him drive me.

I wasn't familiar with the route he took to the airport. It caused me to be a little worried, but he did know where he was going and I would soon become a very frequent traveler on those roads.

Well, everyday we talked for hours during Christmas break. I was in Minnesota and he in Utah. The day after Christmas something special happened. Well we were talking we both got the very strong impression that we had to get married, and we both knew the other knew it.

My challenge came in breaking it to my mom that I was going to marry I guy I had only met once. She took the news better then I had thought, and we set a date for June.

Mike was there when I flew back to Utah. He was a handsome man in his Sunday clothes and asked me to marry him (officially) when we got out to his Bronco at the airport. Then he took me home to meet his family. His parents were a little blown away. How could Mike (to shy to talk to most girls) manage to snag a catch like her?

For the next month we hung out with each other and got to know each other and realized that if we were going to make the Temple marriage then we would have to move the wedding date up. So we really moved it up- 6 weeks away. That put our families in a relative panic. But a day with Mom in Salt Lake got it all set up.... dresses, flowers, hotels ect.

The week of the wedding dawned and I quickly gave up on school work and headed up to join my family that was flying in. I don't think school work entered my mind for the next 2 weeks. (There is a reason I got mostly Bs and Cs that semester).

The wedding morning I had my endowments and Mike was there to bring me through the veil. Then we broke for lunch and came back for the wedding in the after noon. It was a breezy March day with lots in interesting clouds and a fair amount of sun.

I can remember some of what the sealer said. Which I consider to be a pretty good feat- he said we wouldn't remember. After that it was meeting family and pictures and waiting for the reception. After the reception I kept wanting everyone to leave so Mike and I could go to our hotel room. I knew what I wanted to do (the thing we kept so hard from doing those last 6 weeks). But alas.... it wasn't as easy as I thought and it took us all night to figure it out. But then we practiced for the next few days- hardly leaving the hotel room.

We must have got it right though- we got 6 kids to prove that :)

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