Saturday, March 03, 2012

Supporting Ron Paul part 2

(read part one first- it'll make more sense).
The Resolutions process scrapes like nails on the chalk board of my best judgment. The Resolutions that passed the precinct caucuses are read, discussed and voted on by ayes or hands (if you they can't tell by the ayes and nays if it passes then they count raised hands.)

A lot of them are based on false assumptions about the way things work. We had several today trying to have grand juries available to the public to bring information to. Even though a county prosecutor who was there tried to explains that not how it works - it was still voted on anyways and the ayes won.

Some of the things that really annoys me about the resolutions is when 1- it is not clear what they are trying to say. 2-The concepts are often not researched or the logic behind how it works now understood, 3- that all of us everyday people who have no understanding of the topic save the 2 minutes of discussion vote to support or not support the item.

Some of the major issues with the Republicans in their resolutions is that they are not researched. When the topic of energy independence was brought up (they proposed drilling in the arctic and a national oil pipeline) everyone cheered, even though they have no concept of ROEI or diminishing returns. I was literally the only Nay in that vote. Over and Over I just wanted somebody to ask about what the real world impact of those resolutions could be. I mean, it's great to be pro-life but if you outlaw all abortions it could be your niece that dies due to a botched back street abortion. Besides it is not really abortions that are the problem. The problem is unwanted pregnancies. If people had access to birth control or just stopped sex outside of marriage (best solution is both of these) then abortions would be practically non-exsistant. The basic concept of voting with out understanding more then 1 small view on the issue eats me up.

About then my husband texted me and asked how much longer it was going to be. "Eternity?" I texted back.

The results for the delegates came in. I was number 4 alternate, which gives me a really good chance at being seated. I wasn't sure how many of us 11 Ron Paul supporters got in. The young pregnant lady did, and then I realized that she was one that talked more about pro-life and being pregnant is something that people could remember. That is when I realized how "geeky" us Paul supporters look as a group. We were much more likely wear glasses and to have dressed up (ie- in something besides flannel). It also looked like we were a well read group.

After nearly 4 hours of Convention/ Caucus the last Resolution was read and when they asked if someone would make a motion to adjourn they had 50 hands shoot up.

I walked out of there debating the reality of what just happened.

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