Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Sun Came Out

I know, they always say the sun will come out tomarrow, but boy was I begaining to doubt it, and with a raining morning. I was really doubting seeing anything that looked liked decent weather today. But just as soon as half the house was all ready to go the mall of america (for something to do away from the house) the sun came out (and the incy wincy spider crawled up the spout again).

So anyways, then begains our adverntures of the jungle lawn. I went and bought an old fashioned push mower (that even the kids can use) and between the 2 mowers and 5 people we managed to manage the largest magority of the front lawn. We got some cute pics of Ewie using the push mower, and some rare pics of Mike away from his computer. Galen then took over the camera and seemed thrilled and amazed and very capable of handeling it. Now his says he wants to be my photographer (I think I'll get him a cheap digital to practice with).

Then when the batteries died on lawn mower, I moved to the back yard and felt inclinded to start cleaning that up. So I started with moving the items I had been saving to make garden into the garden spot (in the front lawn) then bringing the kids to the store to buy the dirt ( amixture of 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, adn 1/3 soil, acccording to the Square Foot Garden web site). I let each of the kids pick up several plants for thier little garden drawers. And we comenced to get dirty. And the mixture of the soil looks and feels wonderful and is easy to work with.

Now each of the kids is growning a strawberry plant, and several others of thier choosing And I have some cucumbers and tomatos started. Then i started my seeds for transplant outside in 2 weeks. Galen even got a little glow in the dark decorative garden frog for his little garden drawer. (why am I calling it a garden drawer? becasue I am using the bottom portions of Galen's' trundle bed and drawers for the garden plot.)

All I need to do now for my garden is attually divide it into square feet. I plan to do this by screws and twine.

So The kids were kept busy, and happy. But then i was exhausted and took a nap. When I woke up, i was speachless. The had emptied the vacume container and had played in it on my clean living room. So from there we bathed, fed and bedded the kiddos, Now I just need to finish thier clean up.

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