Saturday, May 21, 2005

Milk Bed

You have all heard of a milk bath, but have you all heard of a milk bed?

Yep, thanks to a Ewie we slept in a milk bed last night. You see I changed laundry yesterday. Ewie followed me to the basment, and I asked him to pick up a box of inventory Ian had previously turned over. BUT instead of picking up the inventory he grabbed a can of powered milk and high tailed it to my bedroom (by this time I was in the laundry room, thinking Ewie would be picking up the box of over turned inventory).

So a few minutes later, I haul an armload of clean bedding upstairs to put on thier beds, just to find an empty open can (4 lbs) of powered milk that they had been blowing through the fan in our bedroom.

Do you know that powdered milk is one of the most sticky substances in the world and when combined with a little bit of water it becomes harder to clean up then spilt airplane glue?

So I striped my bed. (blankets, pillow cases (even pillow dust mite covers). ANd took a nap on a unmade bed. Then after the kids were asleep, and we were home from the movie, Mike and I used our vacume resouces to get as much up off the floors, walls and books as possible. Then we made our bed with clean bedding. However, there was still enough powered milk that some of it made it unto our clean sheets anyways. But at least to my pregant nose powered milk does not smell as bad as the curry powder that all over this living room this week.

And it is raining again! What am I suppose to do with these kids? How am I suppose hang all the blankets out to dry in the rain? How am I supposed to get the lawn mowed?

Anyways, I think my business is about to hire it's first offical employee?
Should I call his refernces and see if he will be good at spending time doing graphic arts, facilities matience and sectarial work. Do you think he would concider it sexual harismesnt if I told him he smelled good, and snuggled up?

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