Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Domestic Godess

I am a domestic godess- everything belongs in it's proper place.
Maby, just a domestic demi god- I have arranged for the feeding of my family all summer long
then again- just a domestic tyrant- move a toe out of line and I'll yell at you.

Maby just "Pregnant Women" entering her last semester cleaning/organizing frenzy. The baby's room will be done in buttercup yellow- with a complete organic nursery bedding set- curtisy of Round Belly (after all someone has to set up a crib to model it).

This means I have fresh made brownies, and several rooms that almost maintain clean. (kitchen, bathrooms, and kid's bedrooms) I have also actually picked up the office room several times this week too. And laundry.

He He He He, imagine what I could accomplish with out the mess makers here. I can't wait until it stops raining and I can toss them outside for the day.

And besides a domestic godess, I am a business godess! Today I shipped 23 item! many sales and line sheets being sent to boutiges who have all said they'd be happy to look at them.
(however, never take 2 kids to the post office when you have many items to ship)

Now all I need to do is my retail catalog. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you trip was a success!!!