Monday, September 12, 2005

A few spare minutes

hi All,
I actually am waiting to take Ewan to school, but have 10 minutes between getting Galen on his bus and driving ewan. Then I'm off to excersize. I have plans to flatten that stomach (or at least flatten it enough that i don't look 25 weeks pregnant).

So let's see. Mike gave a talk yesterday in church, about how to turn our home into heaven, also how to turn it into a haven.

Galen had his first week of school. It seemed to go well from what I could tell. His teacher seems really excited and into poetry. She also has a lot of experience. I am thrilled to see her excitment about conintuing to teach first grade and hear all hger little tricks with the kids.

Ewan is going to his first day of school today. He also has a new teacher. And she has the usuall charaterisics of a preschool teacher. Always talks in a high and sweet voice and is into hugs and cuddles and all sorts of positive stuff some people get tired of (that's why general people hate Barney).

However It is the kind of thing you is really good for kids and I do have to admit I way prefer Barney over Pokeman. And that saturday night we actually sang and grouped hugged together. It is nice to have a large enough family to play group games. It is also nice to get some of them old enough to particiapte.

Have fun! My time is up.

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