Thursday, September 15, 2005

slept in today

Ok, I didn't sleep in, I got up, did breakfast and got the kid on the bus, then I went to sleep. I have a tendance to sleep if I got to bed too late the night before. And late just happens to be anytime after midnight.

Last night I cleaned the living room and the kitchen. They both needed it. We also hauled half the books from the floors and hid them in the excerise room. If the kids can't take care of them they do not need them about.

I cleaned part of the fridge tuesday along with the microwave (and the rest of the kitchen).

Clayton loves it when I sleep in. Then he get extra cuddling and sleeping and eating. What baby doesn't want that?

That reminds me I have a few cuts pictures of that doll. He was so perfect looking he could have been a life like manican (sp?) They are in they new organic wool sweaters from Germany we have them in stock for christmas season.

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